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A strong online visual identity is key when building trust around you business/brand.

We design and develop unique websites. If needed, accompanied by strong photos, engaging video and wrapped up in neat graphics.


Webdesign- and development. Photo. Video. Graphic Design. Community Building.

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Get it before it's too late... Four eyes are better than two... There might be something to it?

We are the clearheaded & loyal partner that wan't you to succed.


Public Affairs. One-on-one meetings.

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Everyone need one although the road to mastery is never linear.

Let us bring a fresh set of eyes and map out a thoroughly thoughtout combined business, digital and communications strategy.


Public Relations. Digital strategy. Reports.

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One have to know- and celebrate good journalism.

We do, as we master everything from developing digital publications, the art of interviews and good old investigative research- and journalism.


Journalism. Interview. Podcast. Digital publications & media.

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Entrepreneurship and innovative business building.

We are your partner, mentor, advisor or co-founder. You decide the scale of our involvement.

We match your project with proactive and higly skilled creatives, that trully cares about your succes.

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All press is absolutely not good press.

We believe in Argumented Public Relation Management is key to a benificial relationship with stakeholders.


PR. Press Releases. Press Management.

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Quality of sound is only noticed, if bad. That's exactly why quality sound is crucial when communicating.

We make you sound good during interviews and advise in gerneral use of audio-elements.


Podcasts. Radio. Soundbites. Music.

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Spoken & written. We love them! But not all are effective when communicating an important message.

We make you stand out through carefully selected words in publications, on the web or social media.


Spoken & written. Podcast. Opinionists. Experts. Artists.

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